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At My Angel’s Playhouse Early Learning Childcare Center LLC (M.A.P.) our ultimate vision for our facility is to be consistent in producing the best developmentally appropriate practices opportunities for children and families. Our staff truly love children and want to make an impact in their educational, social, emotional, and physical development. At M.A.P. we provide superior care by developing long-term relationships with staff, parents, children, and the community. M.A.P. ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families. We strive to provide a strong foundation to build upon in order for children to become productive and active members of communities by exemplifying our strong relationship within our community.


My Angel’s Playhouse Early Learning Childcare Center LLC (M.A.P.) programs lays a foundation of social skills, knowledge, and self confidence that paves the way for success. Learning is a skill that does not happen by chance—it is a lifelong process, and at M.A.P. we emphasize the importance of learning as a skill. At M.A.P., children are encouraged to develop the skills of observation, inquiry, concentration, problem solving, and self-reliance.

My Angel’s Playhouse Early Learning Childcare Center LLC (M.A.P.) has a structured program that prepares each child to utilize his or her intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks. Here we offer to give each child the tools and the foundation on which to build a lifetime of learning. M.A.P. program provides a nurturing atmosphere to enrich each child with a love for learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity and give the children many different educational activities to experience and enjoy. M.A.P. program provides positive methods of discipline to reinforce the strengths of the children and to help develop a respect for others.

Read with us on our Youtube Page!

Do your kids enjoy reading? Subscribe to our youtube channel to view and follow along with weekly videos about all different types children’s books based on culture, activities, and holidays!

Voted Best Daycare Center 2022!

My Angel’s Playhouse was awarded “Best of 2022 Pennsauken Township, Daycare Center”

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